TRAVEL · 2021/01/05

TRAVEL · 2021/01/04
やっと来た!😭 真っ白の大理石で作られた庭園「未来心の丘」

TRAVEL · 2020/12/15
三次|霧の海 高谷山展望台(490m) 写真には写らない美しさ✨ 画素数の限界を改めて痛感した⋯

TRAVEL · 2020/12/05

TRAVEL · 2020/12/03
I went to Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine where I do want to go before. The remains of the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine are located near the Sea of Japan coastline,on the western flank of the Japanese archipelago and the eastern end of East Asia,looking out towards to China.Here played a pivotal role in East Asian trade,where silver was the key currency.Of course I bought some silver chain in the end...

TRAVEL · 2020/12/02
先週の週末に尾道瀬戸田町の生口島にある平山郁夫美術館に行きました。縁の深い美術館なので、既に生口島に数回行ったことがあります。 ここで簡単に平山郁夫美術館を紹介させていただきます。画家平山郁夫は…

TRAVEL · 2020/11/29
This is Monyrath, HSSA 2020 member. I would like to introduce Asa zoo. We took the JR sanyo line from Jike to shin-hakushima station then...

TRAVEL · 2020/11/28
Omori is located near the Iwami Ginzan, the historic silver mine mountain which was one of world’s largest silver resources. Considering the importance of Iwami’s silver mining, the Bakufu built settlement for samurais, merchants, and ...

TRAVEL · 2020/11/27
多くの広島人から“運転免許を取ったら,絶対に山賊へ行くよ”と言われましたので,この間に私も行ってみました。 とても素敵な場所です🤩

TRAVEL · 2020/11/24
Please enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Sankeien garden in Hiroshima!