DAILY LIFE · 2018/10/20
Astram Line In Showa 40s, the Yasukawazoi Area at the North West of Hiroshima City got a fast increasing in population. There were lots of problems, especially the transition to downtown Hiroshima.

DAILY LIFE · 2018/08/29
Looking for a place where you can have fun by doing indoor activities and shopping at a very low price in Hiroshima, then the Outlets Hiroshima must be a place that you can not miss.

DAILY LIFE · 2018/01/30
It's getting colder, isn't it? My limbs freeze at the mare sound of it. But have you heard about カイロ? Do not let yourself chill, get your self this extra warmth up to 5 - 24 hours, whatever your choice maybe.

DAILY LIFE · 2018/01/10
The Hiroshima winter temperatures fluctuate between - 4°C and 10°C, thank God it's not the polars.

DAILY LIFE · 2018/01/04
Hi everyone! Today let me introduce you about public transportation in Hiroshima City.