7月のBest Post③普段の暮らし「広島市の暮らしやすさ」
DAILY LIFE · 2022/08/01
皆さん、こんにちは。県立広島大学1年のソンエイです。 今日は、広島での普段の暮らしを簡単に紹介したいと思います。 <住むところ> 私は学校の近くにあるレオパレスの所有する家に住んでいます。

7月のBest Post②普段の暮らし「福山市の自然と観光地の魅力」
DAILY LIFE · 2022/08/01
「Đại sứ du học Hiroshima 2022」 Hello mọi người 👋 =)) Hôm nay mình xin giới thiệu về một thành phố của tỉnh Hiroshima, đó chính là thành phố Fukuyama, cũng là nơi mình đang sinh sống và học tập.

7月のBest Post①普段の暮らし「東広島市の人の温かさと場所の便利さ」
DAILY LIFE · 2022/08/01

11月のBest Post③休日の過ごし方「cycling around」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/12/02
One of my favorite things to do in my free time is cycling around! Planned or unplanned, alone or together, short or long ride, it always gives me...

11月のBest Post②休日の過ごし方「with friends」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/12/02
Amigo means Tomodachi. I really enjoyed preparing Papa a la Huancaina from Peru, doing a Fashion Show with Peruvian clothes and singing a Peruvian song for the first time...

11月のBest Post①休日の過ごし方「part-time jobs」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/12/02
Last summer, I got a job to be a student supporter at the nursery school in Hiroshima City. I was nervous because it was my first-time having interactions with Japanese children. One time, a kid came to me and asked me...

9月のBest Post③買い物をするところ「shopping in Hiroshima City」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/10/09
Talking about shopping in Hiroshima City, here are my favorites👌😊 1. Indonesian Halal Shop. You can find halal meat, Indonesian spices, and TEMPE! ...

9月のBest Post②買い物をするところ「ハラールショップやインドネシアの食材店」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/10/09
Halal meat is sometimes available at Every, LAMU and Halows. However, sometimes there are some ingredients that I want but are not there, such as Halal spices or spices from Indonesia, ...

9月のBest Post①買い物をするところ「KALDI Coffee Farm」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/10/09
For those coming to Japan, it is a true struggle to find some food that feels like home due to lack of ingredients or sauces, but I found this shop called the "KALDI Coffee Farm"...

7月のBest Post③アパート探し「Real estate company」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/08/28
Speaking from my own experience, it was quite exciting, but at the same time it was also challenging (and even a little bit stressful 😱), given that my Japanese skill was limited…😖