How to go to Hiroshima prefecture driving licenses center
DAILY LIFE · 2021/01/19
How to go to Hiroshima prefecture driving licenses center 免許 from Yokogawa station 横川駅 1. Go to bus stop number in front of Yokogawa station, see the bus schedule, got on the the bus go to Menkyo center...

DAILY LIFE · 2020/11/17

DAILY LIFE · 2020/11/09
みんなさん こんにちは🌞 広島留学大使のファムテイトウイです。 最近多くの友達から“外国人でも日本の車免許を取れますか?”や“車免許って外国人にとって難しいですか?”など質問を聞かれています。 それで,私の習った車校と勉強し方を紹介したいと思います。

DAILY LIFE · 2020/10/26
Just recently I have moved to Itsukaichi from Saijo. Since I am still a student in Hiroshima University, and because of some of my part-time jobs, I have to travel quite often between Itsukaichi and Saijo.As you might have guessed, the transportation cost became high.

DAILY LIFE · 2020/09/02
Food from around the world is available in Hiroshima! Yesterday we went around Saijo, Higashihiroshima to celebrate our good friend’s birthday.

DAILY LIFE · 2020/07/21
Nyari resto murah meriah dengan porsi lumayan di tengah kota bisa jadi gampang2 susah. Beruntung, saya nemu 'kantin 250yen' di tengah kota Hiroshima, namanya Omatsuri Ritaya.

DAILY LIFE · 2020/07/19

DAILY LIFE · 2020/07/12
Salah satu cara buat berhemat saat studi di luar negri adalah dengan menyiasati moda transportasi.

DAILY LIFE · 2020/01/17
Year end party and gifts.....After our winter report presentation , we had a party arranged by our lab members at a restaurant. All the teachers of lab also participated with us.Lots of dishes were served including desserts. But all dishes were previously decided. We, the muslim members could order dishes as per our choice. I ordered prawn tempura , rice , grilled fish etc and of course orange and apple juice. All the dishes were very tasty but I liked tempura the most. They made all the dishes...

DAILY LIFE · 2020/01/14
年末年始 (日本語のみ) 明けましておめでとうございます 🎍 去年の年末はいつものようにバイトに通っていました。大晦日の夜は一人で年末SPを観ながら火鍋を食べて過ごしました。2019年の「笑ってはいけない」も相変わらず面白いですね。アパ不倫ネタとオスゴリラのところで本当にワロタwwww...