★9月のBest Post③★「買い物をするところ」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/10/09
Talking about shopping in Hiroshima City, here are my favorites👌😊 1. Indonesian Halal Shop. You can find halal meat, Indonesian spices, and TEMPE! 2. MaxValu. Perfect place to get fish (and other groceries) with a discount (if you know the “time pattern” 😉) 3. You can find EVERYTHING in...

★9月のBest Post②★「買い物をするところ」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/10/09
Halal meat is sometimes available at Every, LAMU and Halows. However, sometimes there are some ingredients that I want but are not there, such as Halal spices or spices from Indonesia, which I can get at some of the shops below...

★9月のBest Post①★「買い物をするところ」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/10/09
For those coming to Japan, it is a true struggle to find some food that feels like home due to lack of ingredients or sauces, but I found this shop called the "KALDI Coffee Farm"...

★7月のBest Post③★「わたしのアパート探し」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/08/28
Speaking from my own experience, it was quite exciting, but at the same time it was also challenging (and even a little bit stressful 😱), given that my Japanese skill was limited…😖

★7月のBest Post②★「わたしのアパート探し」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/08/28
When I started preparing to move to Japan, my biggest concern was how well I would be able to practice my religion.🤔 I was very happy when I found out about Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Centre .🕌 It's a building with a mosque on the topmost floor and...

★7月のBest Post①★「わたしのアパート探し」
DAILY LIFE · 2021/08/28
My apartment is in Hakushima-Kita-cho, Hiroshima City, and was selected through an app. After deciding on the target apartment, I contacted the agent via email and finally made a contract face to face. The monthly rent is...

How to go to Hiroshima prefecture driving licenses center
DAILY LIFE · 2021/01/19
How to go to Hiroshima prefecture driving licenses center 免許 from Yokogawa station 横川駅 1. Go to bus stop number in front of Yokogawa station, see the bus schedule, got on the the bus go to Menkyo center...

DAILY LIFE · 2020/11/17

DAILY LIFE · 2020/11/09
みんなさん こんにちは🌞 広島留学大使のファムテイトウイです。 最近多くの友達から“外国人でも日本の車免許を取れますか?”や“車免許って外国人にとって難しいですか?”など質問を聞かれています。 それで,私の習った車校と勉強し方を紹介したいと思います。

DAILY LIFE · 2020/10/26
Just recently I have moved to Itsukaichi from Saijo. Since I am still a student in Hiroshima University, and because of some of my part-time jobs, I have to travel quite often between Itsukaichi and Saijo.As you might have guessed, the transportation cost became high.