Shooting video project in Hiroshima University
STUDENT LIFE · 2021/01/04
Participated in Shooting Hiroshima University promoting video project.

STUDENT LIFE · 2020/11/08
I wonder if autumn in Japan can be called Momiji season! I wonder if there are words which can describe the gracefulness of Momiji. The charm of Momiji encouraged us, the three Myanmar ladies, to meet up and take photos together despite our tight schedules! 😀  So my special thanks goes to the glamorous Momiji for creating the opportunity for us to meet up and spend some special time together as sisters and friends! 💕❤️

STUDENT LIFE · 2020/07/25
Hello,My name is Mai Ly and I'm studying for Global Business at Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen University.I'm honored to be an international student ambassador in Hiroshima.

STUDENT LIFE · 2020/07/20
I’m glad to be able to participate in Hiroshima Study Abroad Ambassador (HSAA). Hopefully I also can join all of the event. So I can make all of my friends know...

STUDENT LIFE · 2020/07/18

STUDENT LIFE · 2020/07/15
やっと 任命状とTシャツなどが届きました。嬉しかったです。広島留学大使の任命式後 ずっと待っていました。次のイベントから Tシャツが着られます。今後は 大使として 広島について投稿したいです。

STUDENT LIFE · 2020/07/09
Hello, dear international students in Hiroshima,I would like to share superb information with you all today!

STUDENT LIFE · 2020/07/08
周末拿到了任命状和新T恤🙈🙈🙈越来越期待即将到来的活动了!!! I got my new t-shirt and appointments last weekend!

STUDENT LIFE · 2020/03/16
Hello everyone! I am Linda from Cambodia, a member of Hiroshima Study Abroad Ambassador. I hope you are doing well during these pandemic days. Because of Covid-19, I didn’t go anywhere besides school and somewhere around to stay safe. Luckily, I can enjoy the beautiful early blooming Sakura in the University campus. Seeing the beauty of Sakura keep me smiling and reminding of the delightful moments that I have been through a year. Even though this year, a little upset and worried in this...

STUDENT LIFE · 2019/12/28
2019年の振り返り [ベトナム語] Xin chào các bạn Mình là Quỳnh đến từ chương trình Đại sứ du học của tỉnh Hiroshima. Năm 2019 sắp kết thúc nhường chỗ cho năm 2020 với đầy những điều mới mẻ và thú vị phía trước. Bài viết lần này, mình muốn chia sẻ về một năm vừa qua của cá nhân mình. Tháng 4 Làm thơ haiku, ngắm cảnh ở Miyajima Cùng các bạn trong lớp trải nghiệm Trà đạo ở...