OTHER · 2018/04/09
Appreciation Hi, everyone. A new academic year is going to start soon here in Japan. Which also means it had come to the end of my first year being a member of HSAA (Hiroshima Study Abroad Ambassador).

OTHER · 2018/03/20
平和の話 先週、運良く東京から来た学生さんたちと交流し、喜びました。学生さんたちはあの時、広島で観光中でした。先日、原爆ドームと平和記念公園を訪れたそうです。約2時間経った後、核兵器と平和を守りについてアイディアを3つ出ました。

OTHER · 2018/02/07
皆さん、こんにちは。広島大学の李午梅(Wumei Li)です。今日は広島に留学するかもしれない人のために広島の情報を紹介したいと思います。是非読んでみてくださいね( ✌︎'ω')✌︎

OTHER · 2018/01/18
What will I do this year? Even I did a lot, I still thought they were not enough, I need to do more this year. I will keep studying languages I am taught, and I want to study one more language

OTHER · 2018/01/16
What did I do last year? How did you do last year? It was a hard year for me, many things happened but I was alive :) I stopped receiving grant from my parents, got some part time jobs