EVENT · 2018/12/04
Hello, everyone. This is Ghana from Hiroshima University.Last weekend I watched a kagura show with another HSAA member, Sally, and a staff member of HSAA, Maiko-san, at Hiroshima Prefectural Citizen's Culture Center (広島県民文化センター) in Hiroshima city.

CULTURE · 2018/12/03
こんにちは。広島留学大使の李玥明です! 今回は竹原に行きました!日本の風情が溢れる町ですよ〜竹で作った提灯もあり、めっちゃ可愛かった!

TRAVEL · 2018/11/30
縮景園 広島駅による東部に位置する歴史長く、見事な庭園。園の名称は中心部にありながら、各地の山、谷、池、景勝を縮めたことを表すと言われる。

TRAVEL · 2018/11/29

EVENT · 2018/11/27
Thứ 6, ngày 23/11 vừa rồi các du học sinh, cũng như sinh viên người Nhật đã cùng nhau đến Takehara tham gia sự kiện phám phá thành phố này.

EVENT · 2018/11/26

CULTURE · 2018/11/20

EVENT · 2018/11/19
Hello, everyone.My name is Ghana, a student from Hiroshima University.Today, I attended an event called Takehara Global Camp with another HSAA member, Chun Yang, and three other foreign students.

STUDENT LIFE · 2018/11/15
Hi, This is Li Yueming from HSAA. I'd like to introduce the Hiroshima University Festival which is hold every 3rd and 4th November. You can enjoy different countries' dancing and snacks there, and you can even ride or feed a horse!

OTHER · 2018/11/07
Hi, this is Li Yueming from HSAA. There's a beautiful mountain in Kure of Hiroshima called ' Noro Yama'. You can go through a forest, climb to the mountain top...