Change your driving license to Japanese driving license


How to change your driving license to Japanese driving license: 

Please call or visit the 2nd floor of the Hiroshima Prefecture Drivers License Center for detail whether you can change your driving license to Japanese driving or not. They didn’t speak English, please ask someone could speak Japanese to help in case you don’t speak Japanese. The process takes times, I spent around 5months to get my license.

Documents you must have: 

1. Original driving license 

2.Japanese translation of your driving license (it could be done by JAF or your country embassy).

3. Passport (if you have more than one, all will be necessary) or document to proof that you stay in your country for at least 3 months after obtained your driving license.

4. Foreign Resident Registration Card 

5. Certificate of Foreign Resident Registration

(photocopy is not acceptable)

6. One license-sized photograph (3cm x 2.4cm portrait)

7. Inkan (seal)

8. Handling fee (2550yen for the test and 2050 for license fee)

The procedure: after prepared all the necessary documents and called for appointment. You have to visit Hiroshima Prefecture Drivers License Center 2nd floor to submit the documents and process paper work. (Address: 3-1-1 Ishiuchi Minami, Saeki Ward, Hiroshima City). At the same day, you will have writing test which consists of 10 questions (you need to get 7/10 to pass). After passing the paper test, you need to make appointment again for practice test and the officer will give you the driving test pattern. You have to remember the pattern for the driving test.

I suggests to go to driving school to practice for few times before the practice test. Driving instructor will explain some basic rules, it will help you to pass the practice test.

It is normal to fail few times before you get the license. I got the license on my 3rd times.

Should you have any questions or want to know in detail, please ask me. 

Good luck!