Find your Sanin in Okuizumo. Thanks huber for your well arranged guidance.@sanin_stagram I found the beauties of Okuizumo and definitely attracted by it. I felt the legend history and saw the future here. Before the trip I only know about Izumo shrine or Matsue in Shimane prefecture. Okuizumo? Where is it? 😆 In the one day trip, we went to #おにのしたぶるい gorge and tried Japanese #osake in Okuizumo. For lunch our local guide take us to a really famous soba 🍜 restaurant #一風庵 we tried their special menu yubasoba which I haven’t seen before. What attracted me most is tataranoie, which is a Japanese styled house with above 250 years history. The view from the house is what I will never ever forget! I learned history of tatarabata field and moved by the wisdom of farmers here. They are conducting SDGs by their hand to protect the hometown they love ❤️ Takeshi san is one of the kindest hosts I ever seen. We are lucky to make onigiri 🍙 with the rice 🌾 they grow in the field in front of the house. #にたまいI definitely want to go there again, and I recommend Okuizumo to all of you. Thanks our lovely guide Aisa @aisa_choco and Sachiyo for introducing this lovely place to us. And fahmida for your great company.