San’in tour

My friend and I took part in  the tour for ‘Visit San’in Campaign’ held by huber on October 25. The local guide took us to the Oni no Shitaburui gorge and Himeno Soba Yukarian in Okuizumo.

We walk together in nature, enjoy beautiful natural landscape, there are many strange rocks, the stream is very clear, listen to the crisp sound of the stream, the mood has become better. Finally, the guide invited us to eat Oni no hanakuso. The name sounds very interesting. The full red bean filling is very delicious! 

Our tour guides Kazue-san and Aisa-san are also very enthusiastic. They told us a lot about the culture and history of Okuizumo.We created many wonderful memories together and I really appreciate them. 

I like Kazue-san's motto "Stay local,Do local,Feel local".In the future life, I will also learn his attitude towards life, experience and learn more about the unknown world.

10.25日,我和我的朋友一起参加了由huber举办的造访山阴的活动。当地的导游带我们去了奥出云的鬼的舌震桥和当地有名的荞麦面店。我们在大自然中一起散步,欣赏美丽的自然景观,有很多奇形怪状的岩石,溪水非常清澈,听着溪水的清脆的声音,心情也变得更好了。最后导游请我们吃了名字叫鬼的鼻屎的点心,名字听起来非常有趣,满满的红豆馅非常好吃~我们的导游kazue和aisa也非常热情,给我们讲了很多关于岛根的文化和历史,我们一起创造了很多美好的回忆,真的很感谢他们。我很喜欢kazue桑的座右铭“Stay local,Do local,Feel local”。在以后得生活中我也要学习他的生活态度体验和学习更多未知的世界。