Japanese dental hospital









I went to the Japanese dental hospital for the first time this Wednesday. I will briefly introduce the process and my feelings to you. 😃

My wisdom tooth did not grow in the normal way, I was very worried, I wanted to remove it while it was still inflamed ASAP!!!!After entering the dental clinic, you should go to the counter to register. The staff will give you a "consultation ticket", just for filling in some personal information and the current symptoms. After completing the consultation ticket, you could wait for the nurse to call you into the consultation room at the rest hall🥰

After the doctor's examination, he suggested me to another hospital to have my wisdom teeth extracted. On Wednesday, I only repaired the decayed tooth and then did a basic periodontal cleaning. I usually brush my teeth seriously, so there is not much tartar. The following picture shows, the teeth which after periodontal cleaning and repairing (but I am not sure whether there are other steps for filling teeth). I am very satisfied. Then I made an appointment with the doctor for the next examination.🙈

ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING--Never forget to bring your INSURANCE CARD with you‼️

I have been to Japanese orthopedics hospital, internal medicine hospital, dental hospital, dermatology hospital, rehabilitation center and pet hospital before. I really enjoy the environment of Japanese hospitals and clinics. Most of them are clean, quiet and relatively private. Almost all the doctors and nurses are very attentive and have nice service attitude. It does bring a nice experience to patients.👍👍👍