Recruit new members in 2019

International students who study in Hiroshima work as a Hiroshima Study Abroad Ambassadors (HSAA).

They share Hiroshima’s attractions and information about student life in Hiroshima with the rest of the world through SNS and website.

Would you join us and share your experience about studying and living in Hiroshima?

Application Requirements of Hiroshima study abroad ambassador 2019


1.Goals of Hiroshima study abroad ambassadorHSAA

To promote study abroad to Hiroshima through advertising.

To deepen mutual understanding through cultural exchange.



Post articles about the attractions of Hiroshima as well as living information and student life on SNS and websites.

Join the exchange events as a staff.

Join the events of other organizations and post your experiences on SNS.


3.Application period

 Mon 15th AprilMon 6th May  


4.Number accepted

All applicants An applicant who does not satisfy the conditions may be rejected


5.Recruitment information

International students who belong to a university, collage or Japanese language school in Hiroshima.

Be able to communicate in simple Japanese or be currently studying Japanese.

Work actively and initiatively as a HSAA.

Be able to communicate interactively with other people.

Have your own Facebook account and post articles on Facebook regularly.

You will be a member of HSAA for at least 1 year(until 31th March 2020).

No honorarium


6.Annual Schedule

  Mon 15th AprilMon 6th May    Begin accepting applications

  Tue 7th MayFri 10th May       Final decision

  Sun 26th May                     Appointment Ceremony, Meeting

  March                            The Completion Ceremony

  Other: One event specifically for HSAA


7.Role of HSAA

Each person must post at least one article on Facebook every three months on a selected topic.

Join the exchange events and communicate actively with participants.

Join the events of other organizations and post your experience on SNS.

We commend some people who post good articles and work actively.

  We give these people some gifts.



No transportation allowance for events.

No regular HSAA Meeting.


9.Announcement of application results

  Email by Fri 10th May


10The Appointment Ceremony

Date: Sun 26th May

 Place: Hiroshima International Center


11How to apply

Fill out documents and send application form on website             

Application form