Some basic information

Hello! Mingalarbar!

This is Mai from Myanmar.

I would like to share some basic information about how to use a fire extinguisher in fire emergency case.

Last Sunday, I participated in fire emergency training at Sunsquare, Higashihiroshima. Luckily, I got the chance to practice a fire extinguisher at the exhibition. So, let me share about it.

There are three P for using a fire extinguisher: Pin, Pon and Point.

Before using it, you need to shout fire! fire! fire!, at first.

Then, remove the safety pin from the handle. (that is Pin) 

Next, pull out the extinguisher hose. (that is Pon) 

Finally, aim at the base of the fire. (that is Point) 

Some additional points are 

Don’t get too close to the fire; shoot it from about 5 feet far. 

Don’t use the extinguisher hose up and down motion. Use it in a sweeping motion.

Photo Credit to Higashihiroshima Face