A chat with a taxi driver

Hi, this is Novi, sharing for HSAA. 

I don't have a special photos this time, just a photo of my HSAA name card. A name card that I am so proud of.

I want to share an interesting story. So one day, I took a taxi for short distance in Higashhiroshima. I had a chit chat with the taxi driver, knowing I am an international student in Hiroshima, he asked me whether I know about HSAA!!! He told me that the page sharing a lot of things about foreign students life, and he is following! I am so happy to hear it. I told him that I am one of the ambassador and he realized that he ever saw my pictures in HSAA page. I gave him my name card and he gave me discount of the taxi fare! Haha! So proud of knowing what we are doing is really reach people out there!! 😊😊😊 ganbarimashou minna san!!!