Kyudo Experience and Kimono in Hiroshima

Hello! I’m Linda from Cambodia.


How have you been so far? I am very well here! Today I am very delighted to experience the Japanese traditional archery (kyudo). It is the Japanese martial art based on shooting an arrow from a Japanese bow to a target to reach a complete focus of mind and body. To me, it’s very difficult to hit the target but I feel excited when I finally do. I wish you would have such feeling and enjoy with the challenging aspect of this sport. You also can try it at the “Kyudo Experience SHA-RAKU” located on the Hondori street, a three-minute walk from the Atomic Bomb Dome. Another wonderful experience is about wearing Kimono walking in the Shukkeien Garden where I can see many beautiful sceneries especially the KoKo-Kyo Bridge and plum blossom and other beautiful and colorful flowers. I feel very fresh with the soft smell of the flowers and almost go crazy with taking lots of photos. I wish you were there once in your holiday or weekend as if to release your stress from the most tiring workdays and gain more energy to continue your productive work. Thank you! 🏹 👘 🌸