New Year Holidays

Year end party and gifts.....After our winter report presentation , we had a party arranged by our lab members at a restaurant. All the teachers of lab also participated with us.Lots of dishes were served including desserts. But all dishes were previously decided. We, the muslim members could order dishes as per our choice. I ordered prawn tempura , rice , grilled fish etc and of course orange and apple juice. All the dishes were very tasty but I liked tempura the most. They made all the dishes without mirin😀😀. I received presents from my 2 labmates. Yuzu juice which is very good for health and fugu fish 🐠 show piece which is a special souvenir of yamaguchi prefecture. I tried that yuzu juice, it was very tasty and helpful for recovering from cough. Here I have shared some pictures... hope you all enjoyed your vacation and parties.