◆Summer tips◆

Hello everyone!!! This Lamya from Bangladesh. Here I am going to write about some common concerns and basic tips for summer season. In Japan, the temperature difference between winter and summer is huge and due to its geographical location, it is highly humid in summer here. But summer is the best time for travelling and visiting many places because of having long vacation. So I am going to focus on some precautions which can save you from undesired health condition and keep you sound.


Drink plenty of water. In a trip, you need to walk or do cycling for long way and you lose salt and water from your body as sweat. You can choose aquarius or pokaris water or other mineral water to ensure prevention from dehydration.


Always wear light and comfortable clothes. You need to ensure that you are covering maximum part of your body to protect from direct heat and sunlight. You may use light socks and hand covers etc. And please do not forget to use sunscreen before going outside.


Avoid going outside from 12pm to 3pm to protect yourself from UV ray as the sunlight and heat is extreme in this duration.


Do not leave your baby or pet in the car, because the car is overheated quickly and becomes like oven under heat exposure. It is suggested to use sun protector in car.


If you need, you can bath two times a day using cold water. But do not take a bath when you are sweated, you may catch cold. You need to be cool before having bath.


Try to eat lots of juicy fruits and light and soupy dishes in your meal. Avoid eating meat, bar-b-q and grilled foods.


Avoid drinking alcohol and beverages those are carbonated and contain caffeine.


If you feel very tired and uneasy during work up, take rest for a while and do not push your body harder to continue.


You must be very careful about children while outdoor playing and need to keep checking them frequently.


Keep the contact information of the nearby medical center or doctors for emergency situation.

Although it is late for this post because summer is almost going to be end but still I hope it will be helpful for you.