Beautiful Miyajima

Hi guys, I am Hai Yen from Hiroshima study abroad ambassador 2019.

In early August, I participated in 2019 Otake and Hatsukaichi city Junior High School Global Camp at Miyajima island.

This time, I not only interacted with junior high school students, but also met teachers from home and abroad. The purpose of this camp is to help students use English to communicate, so most of the time we use English to communicate and make presentations.

I have been to Miyajima island many times, but it was just traveling or recently watching the firework. According to Miyajima tourist association, in December 1996 the World Heritage Committee officially inscribed Itsukushima Shinto Shrine as a World Cultural Heritage. However, thanks to this participation and the presentations of the students, I have a better understanding of the beautiful Miyajima island.