A Ropeway Experience in Miyajima!

Hello! I am Linda from Cambodia.

How have you been so far? How is your weekend? This is the 2nd time for me to visit Miyajima- the world heritage island or an island of the gods. Miyajima is steeped in history and blessed by nature. With the sacred Mt. Misen as a backdrop, O-Torii Gate and Itsukushima shrine and other temples float over the water. Besides shrines and temples, you can enjoy seeing the lovely deers, aquarium, shopping street, ropeway especially eating oysters. It cost 1800 Japanese yen for adult to ride the ropeway for round trip. I can say that it is very amazing to be on the ropeway and see the beautiful view from the sky. I recommend you to try the ropeway in Miyajima and don’t forget to try Oysters there once you visit. I guess you will never forget the oyster taste there...