I would like to share my experience and little about my graduate school in Hiroshima University. As of now, I am still a first year PhD student in the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Science since last October. It has been almost year now and I have learned a lot of things through my weekly seminar under the guidance of my supervisor Aoki Takao sensei. My focus in my study is to compare Noh and Mak Yong performing arts through Motion Capture technology. I am really glad that as I entered the university, I have been given the opportunity to learn on some of the basic features of our lab equipment here.


Under the division of Human Sciences we strive not only to focus issues pertaining our own focus and expertise area in research but also to look into the possibilities of developing an interdisciplinary approach in solving questions pertaining our research. Thus, it is also imperative for us to seek for collaborations among other expertise of other areas in order to solve issues in the contemporary period of today.


To this end, some of our initatives in the faculty includes 'Global Community Room' where we urge participants from various backgrounds, ethnicities and countries to come and have a conversation in english with other students not only pertaining research but also other interesting topics and more casual ones such as hobby, interest, cultural context or own local dishes!


I would definitely recommend for anybody interested with having a conversation to come to the session every Wednesday, 12-2 PM, building M (level 2) in Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Science. Not only you can make friends, share ideas, but also you can practice having a conversation in english with various participants of different background! More information in the poster that I have included in this post. Hope to see you around the campus. If you have any questions, do hit me up on twitter at @sefasilent! or my personal Facebook page SEFA.