English Camp Program (June 22nd, 2019)

Here is the first article about activities from places in Hiroshima Prefecture. (Thida - Cambodian 🇰🇭)


Yesterday I took parts of my day with junior high school students who came from nearby high schools and gathered in an English classroom of Tekehara high school in Takehara city, Hiroshima prefecture.


🍒 In the morning:

We took direct bus from Saijo Station to the nearest bus stop (around 1,040Â¥ one-way bus for 45 minutes) and walked another 10 minutes to get to Takehara high school. First impression was very warm with friendly smiles of young innocent students from around 30 students, and few Japanese and foreign teachers. We enjoyed playing some challenging games in class which brought us a lot of enlighten mutual understanding and enjoyment. They were amused and so into participation in this exchanged program.


🍒 In the afternoon:

We have our own lunchboxes and ate peacefully on several mats which were spared nearby the classroom. After eating, we prepared the lunchboxes and wrapped carefully to make sure the place is neat before leaving. We were told to listen to some Japanese instruction about touring around the local famous areas with short descriptions from the students in each group (the groups were form into four since the morning games). They walked us out of the building, crossed the main road in front of the school and walked straight to those awesome local places included temples, traditional wine shop (お酒や), bamboos handmade shop, and so on. Each one of the students in each group tried to speak English with foreigners as much as they can in order to guide us around to places. I was so excited to visit some local places and found out that many tourists were also interesting in such silent charmful places in a city that I have never been to. Some pictures are attached with the post and hope you, readers, need to witness those calming places when you have proper time 😊😊