Hi everyone I am Hanan Zehry , HSAAmbassador from EGYPT ❤️


I would like to write about  ➡️ railway boxed meals in Japan ( Ekibens) 

Ekiben are boxed meals sold at major train stations like the Shinkansen (bullet trains).

The word ekiben is a combination of the Japanese words eki, means “station”, and bentō, means “a Japanese lunch box”. 

Ekibens are known for their delicious and high quality ingredients . Each region is proud of its local specialties of food. 

Contents: each box usually consists of rice, and a side dishes of variety of meat and fish , pickled vegetables and onigiri (rice balls). 

Prices: range from 300 yen to above 3000 yen. Bento boxes are presented in different shapes and sizes. 

There are countless ekiben to be found all over Japan. For example, In Hiroshima (conger eel) ekiben is the most popular and sold at Miyajimaguchi Station. Tokyo Station is a great place for more types of Ekiben.


When you go to Japan, Enjoy a trip on a train with Ekiben 😀 ✨


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