Host families through Hiroshima International Homestay Club

Author: Mayeso (Malawi)  Gwedela


One of the best things about studying in Hiroshima is the availability of host families through the Hiroshima International Homestay Club which is managed by the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation (http://www.pcf.city.hiroshima.jp/hpcf/english/).


Finding a host family for long-term homestay in Hiroshima can be done through the embassy or mayor's office who would then approach the Hiroshima International Homestay Club through Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation. 60 host families are scattered throughout the prefecture. Short stays (3 nights) are free whilst long stay is at a fee of 1,000 Yen per day, breakfast and dinner included. The families meet several times a year to select homestay candidates. MEXT scholars are also assigned host families who make sure that you experience Japanese culture and transition with ease.


So if you are a minor thinking of being an exchange student in Japan but are worried about guardianship, Hiroshima is the place for you. You can have the Japanese embassy in your country put your name up for consideration in the Hiroshima International Homestay Club and get the exciting opportunity to live with a bona fide Japanese family.