Face Mask

Hi everyone, I am Hanan Zehry HSAAmbassador from Egypt ❤️


I was shocked when I first came to Japan and saw people wearing Surgical face mask,,

 Why do Japanese Wear Surgical Masks !!


Reason #1: Being Sick 

To prevent viruses spreading to others, when you’re sick in Japan, it’s expected that you wear a mask in order to prevent your germs from spreading. It is a good manner in Japan showing that you care about others. Not being considerate by not wearing a mask is considered to be rude! Especially when you’re coughing and sneezing a lot, you’re supposed to wear a mask in public.


Reason #2: To protect themselves from the viruses around them

During winter, most Japanese wear a mask because they are afraid of catching a cold.

Especially if you have to ride the trains in big cities like Tokyo, it’s extremely easy to catch a cold.


Reason #3: Because of pollens

In March and April pollen is everywhere and Japanese people have to wear masks to protect themselves from allergy.


Reason #4: Dry Air

Japanese people prefer wearing masks inside airplanes for long flights because the air in airplanes is so dry, but wearing a mask will keep your mucous membrane moisturized.


In my case , I caught a cold and it is freezing cold outside (I know I look really weird with the mask for non Asian people especially Egyptians 🙈) 

If you have more information about Mask culture in Japan , please share with us 😊