Being a volunteer

 As an international student in Hiroshima, volunteering for various activities is one of the best things you can do. They range from helping clean p public areas to playing Secret Santa for kindergarten kids.


I personally love volunteering for English camps usually held in summer or any activities involving some form of English education.


English summer camps have given me the opportunity to interact with Japanese kids of all ages. I got to sleep in an actual log cabin, hard floors and all! And what's summer camping in Japan without being feasted on by mosquitoes? They joys of camping!😂😂 I have also made a lot of friends with fellow volunteers, both Japanese and international.


I recently volunteered to talk about my country Malawi at a community centre where senior citizens gather weekly for English lessons. They were so welcoming and boy did they feed me!!!!😋😋


The best thing about volunteering is that you just have to give your time. Everything else is provide. And being Japan, you're almost always given a thank-you gift. I got a box of chocolates as an early Christmas gift.😊😊


So go ahead! Check out the student portal of your university's website for campus activities you could sign up for. It'll be worth your while. And who knows? You just might receive a nice silk kimono as a thank-you gift!😍