Summer Festivals in Osakikamijima






<大崎上島 伝統文化 櫂伝馬>





Hi, I am Chun Yang from Malaysia. This was my first ever experience to Fireworks Ceremony in Japan. Here are some highlights of the fireworks, it was really awesome.


One of the three traditional summer festival in Osakikamijima. During daytime, a 200 years traditional culture in Osakikamijima, "Kaidenma Race" took place while at night, there was a fireworks ceremony which lasted for about 30 minutes.


<Osakikamijima Traditional Culture "Kaidenma Race">

For more information about "Kaidenma Race", please refer to the link below:


For your information, the next summer festival regarding to "Kaidenma Race" in Osakikamijima will be on 13th August 2017, there will be Fireworks also on the same day^^