Hi friends, 

This is Joyce from Uganda. Just wanted to share the emotions I had before and after traveling to Hiroshima. I hope it encourages many out there who share the same. 


It was literally going to be a three days journey. Hesitant to leave I was. Rejection and betrayal is all I could read in the eyes of those who genuinely, lovingly and joyfully bade farewell. Puzzled they became as tears dropped from my eyes.


A few would identify me..... The fear of what lay ahead of me. Nervously I exited Kansai International Airport ready for the three hours journey to Higashi-Hiroshima. Never would I have known that what waited me was a community of amiable and courteous people. Proudly I say, nostalgic rarely will I feel. For a home is what they provided.


#Hiroshima prefecture for life. 

"Feeling sad to leave doesn't mean you shouldn't go"