What to do if you lost your wallet and everything in it




Hi this is Novi sharing for HSAA. 

Well, it’s a sad story that happened to me and I wish not to happen to anyone else. I lost my wallet and everything in it when I was travelling in Tokyo. I blame myself first as careless person, and second to the person who may find it but decided to keep it instead of reporting. Whether it was stolen or found but the founder keep it, is still a mistery.

It ever happened to me back in my country too, but what I experienced here as Japan residence have different story. It’s so different that I feel I can share so it can be a lesson for others. To make it little easier to read, I make them as points:

1. First thing to do is try to recall when was the last time you have it and where are places that possible to find it. 


2. If you have time, go back to each place one by one, and report to local staff or lost and found counter in that place if available. Get kind of proof that you reported it, if possible.


3. Report to nearby police. Police station usually open 24 hours and you will get report-copy or kind of receipt where they put the REFERENCE NUMBER and this number is very IMPORTANT when you want to get new cards such as residence card, credit card, etc. So keep the report always with you. My suggestion, scan or take picture of it.


4. The POLICE-REPORT-RECEIPT unfortunately is not the copy of your REPORT FORM where you will be asked to write the details of where you lost it, what are items in the wallet (I put number of my credit card, bank account, etc too as a proof that those are what I lost in it). So, after you write down the form, take picture of this form too or ask for copy. Again, keep this file also handy with you.


5. Blocking your credit card, ATM card, and bank account will makes you feel safe. However, you realize that by doing this, means you have no access on them anymore and you may need help from people nearby if you are travelling (this is exactly my case). 


6. For JAPAN POST BANK, you can block it by phone (as far as I know only in Japanese). To get new card and bankbook, unfortunately you have to show them your residence card or insurance card where you have your address written on it. This was very frustrating for me because I urgently need my money and both of my card and bankbook were gone. If you have one of them, maybe you can request the new one without residence card or insurance card.


7. If you lost your INSURANCE CARD. Go to your city hall (my case Higashihiroshima City Hall), they will give you the new one, instantly. If you have MY NUMBER-CARD, it will be very helpful. I am not sure if this is a must. Luckily I keep my MY-NUMBER-CARD at home so I can show them. 


8. While for RESIDENCE CARD, you have to go to IMMIGRATION OFFICE (my case Hiroshima Immigration Office, Hiroshima City). This one you need new photo and they will print your new card instantly too. If you are student, don’t forget to ask about “working permit” stamp again if you have it before. 


9. If you lost your ATM and bankbook (my case is JAPAN POST BANK) you better go A.S.A.P to the nearest JP Bank (yes you don’t have to go to same bank as you register first time) to ask for new card and bankbook. What’s really disappointing about this is, they need 1-2 WEEKS !! to give you the new card & bank book. Card and bankbook will be sent separately to YOUR HOUSE ADDRESS (as written on residence card). When you are travelling for long time, this will be a trouble, so I don’t know if asking to send to different address is possible. 


10. Little luck for me at that time I bring my PASSPORT so I can use it every time I need ID such as for hotel, or other reservations. So better keep your ID documents in separate place to avoid losing all. I also lost my Indonesian credit card. I blocked it by phone, and I process the request by online, luckily this system is available in my country and much much easier and faster to get the new one. They even allow us to open the blocking again if we find it. For ATM or bankbook in my country, of course they will ask for ID and police report too, but we can get the new instantly ! The system in Japan (JP Bank for my case) unfortunately takes much longer and send by post. It it very stressful if we are travelling for long time and need some cash urgently. 


Lastly, keep aware on your belongings, stay calm, and think rationally. After all things like this happen and what we have can’t be always ours when it’s “time”.