useful information about transportation in Hiroshima

Hi everyone, I'm Hanan Zehry, HSAA member from Egypt. 

I'm sure many foreigners coming to Japan will be confused about Japanese transportation system. So I'd like to share with you some useful information about transportation in Hiroshima.

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JR(Japan Railway)

In Hiroshima prefecture, there are some JR stations which are mainly useful for traveling. You can go to Hiroshima, Miyajimaguchi for Itsukushima shrine, Saijo, Onomichi, Fukuyama and so on. 

How to use:

If you are not JR pass holder, please buy the ticket at the ticket

vending machine or the ticket counters, before getting on the trai


Hiroden (streetcar)

The streetcar "Hiroden" is useful and cheap transportation in Hiroshima-city. The history of Hiroden is old and it has ever been the means of transportations for Hiroshima citizens for a hundred year.

How to use:

Please get on from the entrance door that is at the middle of the carriage, and get off at the exit that is the door by the driver or conductor. When leaving, please pay the fare by coins. There is the money changing machine in the carriage and the driver doesn't do that, so you need to change your money before getting off. When the conductor is in the carriage, you can ask them to change money.



Two bus companies which run in Hiroshima-city are able to be useful to visitors, and they are green bus "Hiroden bus" and red bus "Hiroshima bus". The other bus companies have the routes from the center of the city to the suburb district. Also some highway buses run from Hiroshima station and Hiroshima Bus Center that is on the third floor of SOGO department store to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and several cities.

How to use:

Please get on the entrance that is at the middle of the vehicle, and get the numbered ticket which is automatically ejected from the box at the entrance. The number on the ticket shows the section of your boarding, so please check the number which is indicated on the electric fare board. The fare which comes out on the board just before your leaving is your fare, so pay it by coins at the pay box by the driver. The money changing machine is in front of the pay box and you need to change your money before paying. About the highway bus, you can buy the ticket at the ticket counters, or ask the drivers.



You can find taxies easily around the sightseeing places and downtown. The taxi has the signboard, which has the name of taxi's company on, on the top of the body. There are taxi stands at stations.

How to use:

When you need taxi, please find the signboard is lighting up, which means vacant, and let them stop by raising your hands up. The door is automatically opened and you have to get on the car from the left side door. Please tell the driver the destination after sitting, and then pay the fare expressed on the taximeter when leaving.



There are several ports in Hiroshima prefecture, and ferries go to islands. 

How to use:

At the ticket counter of each port you can buy the ticket for ferries.



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