Thanks to the introduction of the club Hiroshima Student Ambassador, I knew and participated in the experiences. It was a day-long program for cultural exchange between Japanese school children from Miyajima Junior High school and the foreign students comming from USA, Finland, Germany, ..

I went to see the students at the meeting place, then together in train to Miyajima. We've been played games, talking, and thanks to the help of the students here, we're going to visit Miyajima and completed the questions which was asked in order to help better understand the Miyajima's legacy. Then we had a delicious lunch together. I have been really interesting experiences when I first tried taking part in a high school junior global program camp.

Thank you Global Education Project Team (Kaihara Mikiko san) and Hiroshima Student Ambassador for giving me the opportunity to join this camp. And all of you,the studens. I will remember this day for a long time.