Rental bicycle in Hiroshima

Hi, this is Novi sharing for HSAA. 

Peacecle (ぴーすくる) they call it. It's combination of peace and cycle. Representing the peace theme which is a very important value for Hiroshima, and cycle from bicycle. It's a facility provided in 17 spots along Hiroshima city. The rental fee is 108 yen for every 30 minutes, and 1,080 yen for one day pass. You can pay by cash, credit card or IC card too. The bicycles are electric one so it's easy even for steep area. What I really like about this rental bicycle is that they also allow us to ride it to islands around Hiroshima where you can depart from Hiroshima port. Go by ferry first, then ride along the island to enjoy the fresh of nature like HSAA members did last time!