Kaita Global Camp

It was an honor to represent my country in the Kaita Global Camp, held in Kaita, Hiroshima. It was a day-long program for cultural exchange between Japanese school children from Kaita and the foreign students. The foreign students were from USA, South Korea, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Bangladesh. And the Japanese students were Kaita junior high school Students, Kaita nishi junior high school Students and Elementary school Students. At the beginning, there was opening ceremony, introduction phase and ice breaking session, where we presented our respected countries. Followed by bone chilling drum session. After the Japanese students performed beautifully, we also played drums. We got to know about Mr. Oda Mikio, a Kaita local person, who won the first Olympic Gold Medal for Japan. We had very tasty lunch. After that, there was very enjoyable game sessions, and also Kaita Olympics. Our team stood second. So we got gifts and certificates. I loved the school children. They were very warmhearted. Threre, I met Mr. Miyamoto, one of the teachers. Such an amiable person. The hospitality of all the teachers and officials of Kaita Education Board was amazing. Thank you Nitta san and Takamatsu san for giving me the opportunity to join this camp. I felt like, if I were a student in a school in Kaita. I will remember this day for a long time. Thank you Kaita. - Syed Ragib Safi, HSAA Ambassador