Japanese Passion for Football/日本のサッカーへの情熱








結果: 広島Sanfercceが3-0で勝利しました。(ですが、もっといいスコアで終われたでしょう)

On July 2nd, we went to enjoy a Japanese Football League Match of Hiroshima Sanfercce. Before Coming here, I did not have the idea that of the followings:

*Japanese are such a football crazy nation.

*Hiroshima has a very strong, professional and well managed football team, which is one of the bests in Japan.

*Watching Football match can be nail biting exciting.

*Very delicious and varieties of foods can be enjoyed while watching the match. 

*The Edion Stadium Hiroshima is so big and naturally beautiful.

*There is almost no fouls (only 1 yellow card in this match).

Result: Hiroshima Sanfercce won by 3-0 (Although they could score more with better finishing).